I am a certified yoga instructor and Ayurvedic wellness counselor. I craft essays about yogic and Ayurvedic wellness, from the perspective of an artist, poet, and creative writer. You can read my yoga-related writing by following the links below. To contact me about my writing or to commission an essay or poem, visit my Support and Commissions page.

Yoga and Art Essays by Viola

Take a Break from Yoga and Try this Instead, Sivana Spirit, July 2016

On Identity and Self-Definition for an Artist, YogaCityNYC, March 2016

Manifest a New Reality in 3 Simple Steps, Sivana Spirit, January 2016

The #1 New Year’s Resolution We Can All Use, Sivana Spirit, January 2016

Daily Diwali: Celebrating Light in Dark Times, Sivana Spirit, December 2015

3 Simple Things That Make a Great Yogi, Sivana Spirit, November 2015

Two Tools Yoga Offers to Heal a Broken Heart, Sivana Spirit, October 2015

How Yin Yoga Helped Me Heal Emotionally, Sivana Spirit, September 2015

New to Yin Yoga? 3 Things You Need to Know, Sivana Spirit, September 2015

Two Lessons of Yoga for When We Fall in Love, Sivana Spirit, August 2015

Soothe Your Heart Chakra in Four Loving Ways, Sivana Spirit, August 2015

4 Things to Know Before You Visit an Ashram, Sivana Spirit, July 2015

10 Easy Ayurvedic Tips for Staying Cool During Summer, Sivana Spirit, July 2015

Make Meditation Part of Your Day in Two Simple Ways, Sivana Spirit, July 2015

How to Design a Basic Yoga Session at Home, Sivana Spirit, June 2015

How Yoga Can Teach Us to Communicate With Clarity, Sivana Spirit, May 2015

Find Your Light: Six Ways to Identify Your Artistic Passions, Sivana Spirit, May 2015

Creating Peace Through Yoga and Art, Sivana Spirit, May 14, 2015

New to Hot Yoga? Six Things You Need to Know, Sivana Spirit, May 6 2015

A Yogi Celebrates National Poetry Month, Sivana Spirit Blog, April 20 2015

Three Simple Ways to Be Mindful Every Day, Sivana Spirit, April 9 2015



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