If you have enjoyed reading my poems/essays and want to order a poem written and customized for your needs, or if you simply want to support my writing, you can do so in the following ways:

1) Commission a gift poem. And give the gift of a poem. Words move us and touch the depths of our hearts and souls. You will be amazed at how much LOVE this gift of a poem will convey to the recipient. To commission a gift “love” poem or any other kind of poem you desire, please contact me directly at Prices begin at $75/poem. Crafting a poem takes about 7-10 hours, from start to finish, depending on the message and style/format of the poem. To have the poem handwritten (with an artistic border and calligraphy) and shipped to you (or mailed directly to your chosen recipient), please include an extra payment of $25 (to cover shipping charges and materials including secure envelope and stationary of high quality mixed media art paper). Please contact me for more details and any questions.

2) Commission a poem for any personal events or special celebrations (graduations, birthdays, proposals and engagements, weddings, anniversaries, memorials, important annual holidays, and more). To commission a poem, please write to me directly at My current rates for commissions vary but fall between $75 – $150 for various kinds of poems. Please contact me to inquire about rates.

3) Commission an Africa-related poem, essay, or article. To commission any of my writing on Africa, please contact me directly at

4) Book me for an event or poetry reading. To schedule me for a poetry reading at your private/public event, and to invite me to speak at or participate in your literary event/conference/workshop, please contact me at

5) Make a donation. To make a monetary donation of your choice, please follow the link below. All donations go directly toward my writing projects.

Thank you for your support.

Donate Button with Credit Cards



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