Posted by: Viola | July 21, 2017

Finding joy in a world of books

Dear Friends,

After a year’s break from blogging and other social media, I am sharing this update with my readers to let you all know that… I AM HAPPY. The year has flown by in a joyful whirl. I now live in a flurry of library things. I work in two extraordinary libraries. I love it! I love my library studies, as well. I am fortunate to have phenomenal coworkers and brilliant librarian-mentors. And, as always, I love books. Love reading. Love that I am a poet/writer now immersed in the world of libraries. What a dream! What a very *bookish* book lover’s dream come true for me! I will extend my break from social media, in order to focus on my library work and studies. I so appreciate all the messages from readers inquiring about this poet Viola and her Letters to Cameroon. I am still writing, still in love with words, still a poet, now a library staffer, always a book lover and now forever a library lover!

With love and light!  ~Viola



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