Posted by: Viola | June 14, 2016

Poet’s Plea for Love in Orlando

We talk of love. But let us talk of light. Let us talk of the light that we can see, because sometimes we cannot see love. But always we can open our eyes and see light, and even in being blind, we can feel the sun on our skin. Love is this way. Love must be this way. Love must be something that we can always see, always feel on our skin, always know. We could never doubt the presence of the sun, even in the darkest night. We could never doubt the light it gives, the moon reflecting that light, the glow of everything the sun touches. Love must be this way. Something we do not doubt. Something we always reflect. Something we trust will touch everything and make it glow, make it bright, make it shine. Let’s say we start today. Let’s say we make it all okay, as best we can. We begin again. Let’s let go of hate and anger and cruelty. Let’s love one another. Let’s forgive but also make sure we begin a new way, a new path that takes us far from this kind of cruelty, this kind of violence, any kind of violence. Let’s put a stop to it. Let’s change the way we view our lives. Let’s cultivate a deep sense of safety. Let’s not make guns, or sell guns, or buy guns, or cherish these terrible weapons. Let’s not make or sell or buy ideas that speak of hate. Let’s only look for ways to grow in loving and supporting each other. Let’s learn compassion. Let’s put religion and extremism in their place and tell them to back-off when they advocate anything but peace and compassion. Let’s talk of unconditional love. Let’s talk of acceptance and celebration of all of our human ways of being and loving. Let’s talk of love. Let’s talk of light. Let’s start right now. Let’s be that love. Let’s be that light. Let’s begin today. ❤


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