Posted by: Viola | June 7, 2016

When love comes…

When Love Comes…

by Viola Allo

When Love comes, what do you do? Do you say: Go away! Not now! I’m not ready! Come back later, come next year, come in two years, come in three!

Or do you say: Go away and don’t come back at all! Don’t come looking for me! Leave me be! Don’t you dare touch me! Don’t you dare!

Or do you say: Welcome! I am so glad you’ve come! I’ve been waiting for you! I’ve been hoping you would show up, sooner rather than later! And here you are! Thank heavens!

Or do you say nothing. Do you say nothing but fall to your knees and kiss Love’s feet, bathe its toes in an ocean of your tears and study them like a surprise of seashells.

Will you say nothing and be found in the liquid sand with a treasure of minerals as your hand, long after the waves of every sound have died down and you have drowned in them.


By Viola Allo. All rights reserved. Please contact the poet for permission to use or share this poem.


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