Posted by: Viola | May 11, 2016

E-Portfolio or Thesis?

I’ve been reading through the requirements for the MLIS program I will begin this fall, and one of the capstone (culminating) requirements for the degree is (1) a thesis or (2) an e-portfolio. I am pretty sure I will opt for the second option and skip the thesis, because I am more interested in mastering key skills/knowledge for librarianship, at this point. I think this will prepare me for employment much more than a thesis will.

I wasn’t sure what the e-portfolio was, so I have spent the afternoon today reading about it and checking out samples of e-portfolios organized by students who graduated from the program. I really love all the information that’s available and feel that I have a better understanding now of what the e-portfolio is. It is a “virtual” document that showcases a student’s ability to synthesis and present/elaborate on all the core competencies required of a librarian graduating from the MLIS program.

Looking at examples has been informative because I can see how the structure works and what is involved. This gives me a chance to prep for organizing my own portfolio early, from the beginning of my first semester. I love this sample portfolio (via Nimble Librarian) and this sample, too (via Rene La Bibliotecaria), because they are so clear and accessible. I am taking a look at this sample provided by the program. I will do my best to begin thinking about the core competencies as I read about library science prior to my first semester, and I will keep these competencies in mind as I go through each course.


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