Posted by: Viola | May 7, 2016

A *few* things public librarians do

Today, I went through an online orientation covering some basic information about the MLIS program I will begin in the fall. It is an online master’s in library and information science, and this means that everything will be done online. The orientation was helpful and highlighted some things to keep in mind prior to the first semester.

After watching the one-hour long video/audio orientation, I followed some of the suggested links and read about the various career pathways, specifically for public librarians. I feel drawn to public libraries, and this might change once I start my coursework, but for now I am exploring what it means to be a public librarian.

I want to have real experience working in a the public library environment. I hope one of the jobs I have applied for will come through and be a great fit for me, and I hope it will be an awesome start to what I feel might very well be my life’s calling. I suspect I am a public librarian, at heart.

Until I can gain work experience, I have to rely on my imagination and any information on the topic, like this blog post on what public librarians do. Don’t be fooled by how organized your public library might seem–it is no easy job keeping a public library in order and making it a welcoming place to people from all walks of life.

Public libraries do not only make books and computers available and accessible to the public, they also offer informative events and safe entertainment options relevant to patrons and the community; they offer free services that enhance the quality of life of community residents; they may house community archives and historical information; and they offer education assistance to students and to those who might want help developing certain skills, especially related to using technology/computers.

It’s important not to take the public library for granted…imagine if it were to vanish…what a vacuum it would leave behind! The more I think about and read about public libraries, the more I realize that libraries are places that help keep communities strong and healthy. I have such deep respect now for libraries and librarians.


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