Posted by: Viola | May 5, 2016

Visit to the Folsom Public Library

Last week, I visited the Sacramento Public Library (Central Library). Well, Tuesday this week, I visited the Folsom Public Library. It’s a 30-minute drive from where I live. The city of Folsom is east of where I live, and the library there is located next to the zoo. I’ve been to the zoo, but this was my first time visiting the library.

I love the Folsom Public Library! It has an interesting design, a very unique feel to it. It’s like walking into a half-circle/half moon and flowing/floating across it. Very different from the typical boxy or square or rectangular buildings one might be used to. I love the giant windows and how the library is beautifully flooded with natural light.

My visit to the library was for a meeting with the volunteer coordinator to talk about the possibility of my volunteering at the library as an assistant facilitator in their ESL Conversation Club. Next week, I will visit the library again to attend a conversation session and see how it all works. It is a volunteer-staffed program that supports ESL speakers in enhancing their English-speaking skills, with a focus on everyday conversations.

I look forward to experiencing a session and getting a feel for whether it’s something I’d be good at, as a volunteer. From talking with the volunteer coordinator, I gathered that this library is a wonderful place for the community of Folsom. I felt very happy and at home being in the library. I can’ explain it but I really do love libraries. They make the world a better place. And I cannot wait to be a librarian. ❤



  1. Good luck.

  2. All the best.

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