Posted by: Viola | May 3, 2016

The job search…is an adventure

I have been in job-search mode for two months now. I began in early March and have not stopped. Not even for a day, I think. I’ve been constantly at it, re-working my resume, drafting a cover letter, getting irritated at my LinkedIn, asking friends for tips and assistance (especially with my resume), searching job websites or career website job listings…and watching tutorials about the job search and career change (since I am going from being a poet/writer to being a librarian).

One area I need to do more work on is “interviews.” I need to learn a little more about how to ace an interview–what tips and preparations make a difference. Perhaps what I need to get most comfortable with is that this is my passion–being a librarian and working in libraries–and this is what will shine through any interview I participate in. I need not worry so much about the right or wrong way to interview. I must trust myself and believe in myself and my enthusiasm for the field of library work.

It’s been an intense two months. I do feel some exhaustion now. Mostly, I feel restless, eager to work in a library and impatient to begin doing so. I want to be in a library and I don’t want to wait. I also don’t want to take “no” for an answer. I know I have to start somewhere, and so I remind myself to be patient and keep trying and not lose faith. I am fighting the stress and exhaustion by re-framing things, looking at this whole job search process as an adventure–hard to do, on most days, but I am trying to stay positive.

I have received several rejections for jobs I applied for–mainly, I lack the necessary work experience to merit getting my foot in the door. But I have also received positive feedback–my new resume is more successful and easy to read/follow, and my educational background and unique/eclectic work experiences make me very well-suited to the field of library science and library information services.

I have a lot experience working with children, as a childcare provider. This gives me lots of skills if I decide to be a Children’s Services Librarian. I also have a very strong academic background, and this can lead to work as an Academic Librarian. All in all, I have lots of experience working with people and being of service to them, supporting them in various ways, so this goes well with the core value of public service upheld by librarians. I will soon begin my MLIS program which will give me the academic training needed to become a librarian. So there is hope for me. There is hope. Lots of hope. ❤


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