Posted by: Viola | May 1, 2016

Visit to the Sacramento Public Library (Central Library)

Yesterday, I got to visit the Central Library, the main library in the Sacramento Public Library system. I was thrilled to be able to visit this magnificent and spacious library. I met with the Volunteer Services Coordinator to talk about the possibility of volunteering at the library. I have been struggling with finding library-related work, and so it occurred to me to look into volunteering–which would give the chance to meet with library staff, learn new skills, be of service as a volunteer, and (above all else) gain some firsthand experience of what it’s like to work in a library.

The Central Library is located in downtown Sacramento, and it’s a considerable drive from where I live. But once I got there, I felt happy and at home. I enjoyed every moment of my meeting with the volunteer coordinator. She was not only encouraging but very inspiring. She made me feel that I’ve made the right choice to dedicate my life to librarianship. She was warm and welcoming, and the vision she shared about what public libraries do is the vision I want to support. She did mention that my academic background makes me suited to the path of an academic librarian and not only a public librarian. I said that I will explore both paths. I will try, within the coming months, to learn more about both specializations and see which feels like the best fit. I plan to take coursework for both areas, once I begin my MLIS training.

After our meeting, I spent some time walking through the stacks and checking out all the levels of the library. I sat for a while by a large window and looked down at the busy street below. The trees were leafy and full. The sun was bright. Everything felt right.



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