Posted by: Viola | April 19, 2016

Ah…Good news! Great news!

Last week, I received some good news. Some great news. In early March, I dove into my new passion for library science and applied to a master’s program in library and information science. I am so thrilled to share that I have been admitted to the program! I will begin in the fall of this year. I will be working toward an MLIS degree…a master’s in library and information science. I’ve been in love with books all my life, and as an adult, I’ve been in love with libraries. I have no clue why I did not see what was right in front of me. All my adult life, I have had this intense love for libraries. But it’s taken me countless journeys on other career paths to reach this point where I know, without a doubt, who and what I want to be professionally. Finally, here I am. I am going to be a LIBRARIAN. ❤



  1. That’s great news, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad you have a breakthrough this year

  3. Wow! That’s such a nice and different profession to follow. But it’s such an amazing thing that you are following what you love! ♥ :’)

  4. Congratulations Viola. You really have always loved books. I remember when we were in secondary school, I would wonder what planet you came from, because you wrote in your diary every single day. I could never keep such dedication, such order. Not even as an adult now can I do that. It takes a lot of discipline, dedication, and of course a love for and of books. So, good luck. I know you will do well.

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