Posted by: Viola | March 8, 2016

Talking with my dad in Oklahoma

The reason I am talking with my father about marriage and having debates over the merits of being single versus hooked is that I am actually visiting my father. I am writing from Oklahoma. So greeting are in order. Greetings from Oklahoma. ❤

For three consecutive years now, I have made a trip to Oklahoma to visit my father. It’s become an annual tradition for me, and I hope it is something I will continue to do…perhaps expand to two trips a year, if possible. It would be nice to see him more often. If my schedule and finances permit, I will try to do so.

It’s great to visit with my father. We talk quite a bit and have had several long conversations. We do not agree on everything, but we can disagree amicably and enjoy our conversations. These conversations with my father are the highlights of my visit, the reason I look forward very much to being around my dad.

Tonight, Monday night, as we chatted, he had a very mischievous smile on his face. I asked him what that smile was all about, and he said, “I enjoy talking with you.” What a great experience, to sit at the dining table with my dad, at 1 am in the morning, and talk about marriage, culture, gender, family, religion, and much more.

I appreciate this time I have with my father. As a child, one of the things I wanted more than anything else was to spend time with my father. But that wasn’t always possible, because my father was a busy and hard-working man. He was away from home quite a bit, during the day, and when he was home, he would be so tired that he’d fall asleep while watching the news on Cameroonian TV.

This time I get to spend with him is very precious. It’s my childhood dream come true. And we are both different in many ways from who we were in the past, we get along much better, and we are more open to our differences and respecting those differences. This is magical time for me, just as much as my alone-time. Like I said, it’s a dream come true.

Sometimes, dreams do come true. If we can wait long enough. If we can wait and live and grow old enough. Then those old dreams travel through time and come back to us, rise up from deep in our childhoods, and show up as more than dreams. Show up as real moments. Magical but real moments. And all we have to do is reach out and hug those moments. ❤


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