Posted by: Viola | March 8, 2016

Celebrating Women’s Day 2016

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. Women all over the world will celebrate themselves today, and this is a wonderful and beautiful thing. I have so many wishes for women and womanhood across the globe.

  • I wish that women will always feel safe, physically and emotionally and in every way possible
  • I wish that women’s bodies and minds will be seen as sacred things to be cherished and nurtured but not to be used or controlled
  • I wish that women will have access to education and healthcare and career opportunities and be afforded many choices/chances for personal and professional fulfillment
  • I wish that women will experience financial/economic autonomy and security
  • I wish that women will be free to enjoy motherhood and marriage and their sexuality without restrictive and oppressive cultural norms and political baggage
  • I wish that women who are single and women who opt not to become mothers will feel that their choices are just as good as any other woman’s choices
  • I wish for women to know that their worth is not dependent on having a man/husband
  • I wish that women will have access to wisdom and insight to know that they are full and complete human beings, persons innately and fundamentally equal to men
  • I wish that men will learn (be taught) to value women as full and equal individuals and partners

I wish for so many things, but these are just a few key things I wish for. On this Women’s Day, I wish all these things for myself and my friends and family. I wish lots of great things for all the women in my family and community. And I wish for the men in my world to be sensitive and respectful and appreciative of women and all that womanhood might entail for each of us women.

True progress will be ours when we can all feel safe and be treated as equals. And I can see so much of that progress in my own family and community. And I am so proud. The women of my family are bold and outspoken and feel safe enough to be themselves. The men are becoming better listeners. I’ll take this. I’ll take this any day, because it feels great to be safe, to be listened to, to be understood, to be valued, to be treated with love and respect. To be a woman loved and respected, as I am. And to have this love and respect from those men that I also love and respect. ❤



  1. Great post. Have a great international Women’s day.

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