Posted by: Viola | March 8, 2016

*Angry Women’s Day*: A Poem for Women’s Day 2016

Angry Women’s Day
by Viola Allo
A Poem to My Woman-Self on Women’s Day 2016
Instead of saying to each other
“Happy Women’s Day”…
let us say to each other
*Angry Women’s Day*…
and let us say it with
ferocity in our voices,
for women are not happy,
women are angry.
Why do we go around
in such dishonesty–
and so openly, too?
Why do we pretend
to be what we are not,
why do we smile and say “happy”
when, in fact, we women wish
to burn the world and throw
it’s ashes into a cosmic sea…
Why do we act as if we truly
celebrate women and womanhood when
we only want to use women
to make our babies and our food?
When are we going to
start being turned-on
not by women’s bodies
but by women’s minds?
When will we use those minds
and award them and reward them
and remunerate them
and compensate them
the way we do for men?
When are we going to stop
telling women that all they can do
is make children and make dinner?
When are we going to tell women
that they can make money
and enjoy it and spend it only
on themselves,
the way men do
on cars and gadgets and
professional shirts and shoes?
When will we stop
with the make-up and lingerie
and the kitchenware and dinnerware and
children’s-ware and home decor
marketed endlessly to women?
When will we market books and jobs
and schools and programs and skills
and empowerment to women?
If you are a woman and you live long enough,
you know this: life isn’t about your body
but about what you build,
and there are more things to build
than just more and more
babies and families.
You can build a book,
you can build a library,
you can build a school,
you can build peace and safety
for the children and families
who are already here
and need care. You can build a community.
You can love more people
than just one man.
You raise more children
than just your own child.
You can be bigger / braver / bolder than
everything you’ve been told you are.
You can be an amazon.
You are an amazon!
Even if all you do each day is
fight with words and make war
with one poem.
By Viola Allo. All rights reserved. Please contact the author for permission to use of share this poem.


  1. Lovely!!!

  2. I think women do enjoy their time too, other than just making children and dinner. :P. The thoughts are wonderfully put across, nice poem.

  3. Great Post, I think women do enjoy their time too

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