Posted by: Viola | March 6, 2016

My soulmate at my side

About a week before I heard back about my MFA application, I had a premonition about the outcome of my application. My intuition told me to get ready to think differently and formulate new goals and dreams. I didn’t think too much of this premonition, but I did follow through on what it told me to do. I started to consider what my options might be, if my application got declined. I did research and reflected on what else I could do. An idea came to me. I don’t want to say anything about it right now. I want to guard it, a little bit longer. But it got me ready for the fact that I might not be starting my MFA this fall. And so on Tuesday morning, when I found out my application was rejected, I was sad, of course, but I immediately shifted gears, as best I could. I wrote out new goals. I mapped out a possible new future. Not as an MFA graduate and what I hoped would follow from that. No, I outlined a future in a new field. I won’t say for now what I considered. All I can say is that it feels equally good and beautiful as being an MFA candidate. And it feels better, in one way. It feels like something that will lead to a job I would enjoy and do very well at. We shall see how it goes. Once I am ready to share, trust me, I will share my plans. For now, I am focused on letting go of old dreams and embracing new ones. I am putting on new shoes. Stepping into my new dreams. Opening my heart to a new future. Walking in. With my chin up and my powerful poetry–my soulmate–at my side. ❤



  1. One should take rejections happily and gear up to move forward towards new dreams because its never to late for anything. One never knows what would interest them next. so should always keep exploring new things and not being stuck upon something that one couldn’t have. You still have your passion, your poetry with you and that is forever. 🙂

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