Posted by: Viola | March 4, 2016

Moving forward with my poetry

The sad part of the whole MFA application process for me…as well as the manuscript submission process (both of which I did last fall)…is that the whole process left me burned-out creatively. I have not been able to write very much. That is, until this week. I am finally feeling able to write, and I am getting more ideas for poems.

I have decided to release and relieve myself from all the pressure I have been putting on myself…not only to return to school for the MFA but to also publish a book of poems. A part of me is confused by the whole process for both, because it’s hard to tell exactly what will fly in the MFA world and in the poetry-publishing world.

It’s easy to get frustrated because I am not sure if I am (1) not ready for the MFA and for book publishing, or (2) I am overly ready and too ripe and no one wants me. 🙂

So instead of sitting around and focusing on what others think or what others want, I am moving on. Taking a pause from publishing plans for my manuscript. And taking a permanent break from the whole idea of the MFA. All this stuff feels like busy work, a distraction from the real/actual work of writing… or being still… or going within… or creating something beautiful.

It’s just dawned upon me that I’ve created some beautiful work, as a poet, and I have done it while sitting alone in a room, with my notebook and pen…or my laptop. I have not done it in a workshop surrounded by other poets. Not every poet needs a workshop. Some do. Some don’t.

I am one of the poets who doesn’t. I don’t need a workshop. I don’t need other people’s voices. I don’t want other people in my head. Now, more than ever, I feel certain of this. And that’s why, on a deep level, I feel something joyful about the fact that I get to keep writing and doing it on my own.

Now, all I need is this: To trust my own voice.



  1. I am sure you are an amazing poet. I love writing myself and I am trying to get good at poetry. It has been a dream of mine or a while now. I hope you end up trusting your own voice, and good luck with your book of poems! I would definitely like to read it!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am doing everything in my power to keep trusting my own voice, listening to my poetic calling, honoring the path of my life as a poet. I sincerely hope to have book to share with the world some day…I know, in my heart and soul, that whatever book I write will be my gift to the world. Therefore, I will write that book and work to publish it…no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. ❤ I wish you the best in your writing. Keep honoring what makes your heart happy and your imagination soar. ❤

  2. Nice. Amazing.
    Thanks a Lot
    Wish you the best

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