Posted by: Viola | February 28, 2016

Riding the Amtrak train in California

I am back home, safe and sound tonight. I returned safely from my trip to Los Angeles. It’s been a wonderful week, a beautiful reunion with friends and with my sister. And the train trip today was quite smooth. We did have a delay… an accident on the tracks, a fatality… that saddened me… but the delay was only about an hour long and the journey was resumed. I caught my bus connections and all went well.

I’ve made train trips before. Lots. I’ve made an Amtrak train trip across America, actually. From Maryland to California. But mainly, my train trips have been in California, going from Sacramento to Los Angeles. I love traveling this way. It’s slow and relaxing. The trains and buses tend to be very roomy, with few travelers and lots of empty seats. Slow, not congested, and very soothing. I love the rocking motion that the train makes. I suppose I am a big kid. I love being rocked. 🙂

The other thing that suits me about train travel is that it is quite affordable. My fare for a round-trip booking/reservation was only $120. Each leg of the journey was about $60. Very reasonable. Going by plane would cost a lot more. And driving can be a chore. Yes, the train ride and bus rides can be so slow that they take the whole day, but I love the slowness and the price … and then the chance to see the scenery.

All in all, it’s a great way for me to travel. I have to make sure to pack lots of food and snacks. Pack a drink or two. Pack some books and entertainment options. But other than that, I am good on the train. I even sleep a little. Or just sit still and let my mind wander. It is peaceful, and I love this. I look forward to when next I can take the train again.

For now, I am happy to be back at home. To be safe and sound. To have loved ones on either end of the journey. Loved ones in the south. Loved ones in the north. I like this kind of travel, this journey that I make from love to love. From love to love. From one love to another love. Always from love to more love. ❤


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