Posted by: Viola | January 22, 2016

Celebrating one year of my chapbook, “Bird From Africa”

On this day, January 21st, a year ago, the copies of my chapbook arrived. It was a very special day. I was in Yin Yoga class tonight, and as I lay on my yoga mat, I remembered that my chapbook author’s copies had arrived in January but I did not remember the exact day. It’s strange that I should think of it today, and then come home to open my Facebook page and find a reminder from Facebook telling me that this was the day in 2015 (Jan 21st) that the packages arrived. I can’t believe my brain actually remembered or made me think of that today, without any prompting from me. It just came up with that memory all by itself. So there I was in Yin Yoga, asking my brain if it was Jan 25th or Jan 29th or Jan 20th, and not knowing what day it was. And my brain refused to answer me, it just kept quiet. So it remembered the day, somehow. I should spend more time doing Yin Yoga.

I still can’t believe it because my brain seems so porous sometimes. I struggle with my memory quite a bit. Now, I think I will start giving my brain more credit, start trusting it to really recall things (even actual days/dates!). To reaffirm my highly accurate brain’s recollection of the arrival of my chapbook last year, here is a blog post I wrote about that whole beautiful experience: Chapbook author’s copies arrived

It’s been one year but I am just as happy and grateful as I was that day in 2015. I am just as proud and thrilled to be a published poet, to be an author of a chapbook of poems. I am so excited for what the future holds, too. May it be filled with lots of writing, lots of lovely poetry, lots of good and kind mentors and guardians and teachers, lots of generous opportunities to grow and thrive artistically. May I be blessed with a lifetime of love and of doing what I love to do. I am a poet. A happy poet. And I am a yogi, too. A yin-yoga-loving-poet.  🙂


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