Posted by: Viola | January 19, 2016

Read when it’s raining and find joy in simple things

What pleasure! There is really nothing quite like it. Like reading when it’s raining. Like curling up with a good book and keeping warm in bed and reading to my heart’s content. I like to read in bed, and it’s often the first thing I do when I wake up. It rained all night, and it was beautiful for me to wake  up periodically and listen to the raindrops tapping on the leaves of plants in our small backyard. And this morning, when I woke up, I spent some time reading, lingering in bed with a book on the subject of happiness. The book is called “Hardwiring Happiness” (by Rick Hanson) and it explores simple ways to cultivate an enduring sense of daily contentment. As I read a chapter on ideas of taking in joy and pleasure in simple, ordinary things, I realized that this very act of reading a book is something that gives me immense pleasure and joy. Learning something new from a book is one of my true loves. So much pure satisfaction. I love books. I, of course, love being warm and sleeping as much as I need to. I love a slower pace in life. I love lingering in bed, if I can, and I love lingering with a good book, taking my time with it. And I love the rain, the slow and steady sound of rain. It dawned upon me that I was having a very joyful time, even though I didn’t show it outwardly and didn’t necessarily feel overjoyed. I was doing multiple things that satisfy me: reading, learning something new, being warm, listening to the rain, taking my time before rushing into the day. All of this, once I took the time to become aware of it, made me realize that I was immersed in an extended moment of joy. I am grateful for this. With every fiber and joule of my being. ❤


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