Posted by: Viola | January 19, 2016

Loving the rain…

We have been getting lots of rain over here…and I am truly loving it. We have had such a long drought in this area of California that I cannot remember the last fall or winter that we had any rain. Honestly. It has been years. Year after year of nothing but very dry air and no rain whatsoever…maybe a tiny sprinkle now and then but nothing worth mentioning. Well, now it’s raining and really falling for lengths of time that feel about right for this time of year. The air is not so dry. A couple nights ago, the sky was so clear after hours of rain that we were able to see quite a few stars from our light-polluted city. I can only imagine what the view was from outside the city, up in the hills where there isn’t so much smog and so much light pollution. I’ve been in the hills at night, twice when I went to the ashram, which is in a very quiet area. I could see so many stars. The sky glittered and shimmered. I was blown away. I did not realize that one could see so many stars in every direction. I am used to being in the city where it’s difficulty to see even one or two stars clearly. But out there, out in the countryside, it was amazing. The sky was a whole different experience. I would peek out of my tent just to gaze at the stars, and I would look up at them for so long that my neck hurt. It was pretty cold at night, huddled in that tent, but I was happy to be sleeping underneath such a magnificent view of the stars. Well, all of this to say, I am happy it is raining. I am happy the air is clearer, sweeter-smelling, and the parched earth here is getting some much-needed drenching. I love the sound of rain at night. I love the sound of rain during the day. And I love the puddles on the streets and the drops of water on my car and the signs of moisture everywhere. So grateful. So very thankful for a year of moisture, a year of something different than the terrible desert-like weather filled with a perpetual thirst I have never gotten used to. Rain, rain, rain. Finally. Finally, a year of rain in California that so reminds me of the rainy season in Cameroon. ❤


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