Posted by: Viola | January 17, 2016

I love you…

❤ I love my family. With each passing day, I seem to realize it more and more. Just how much I love and appreciate and value my family. Just how varied we all are in our individuality, but how we also make sense as a collective and a community. We are not perfect but we are great. We fall sometimes, and then we rise. We surprise each other, pleasantly or we let each other down, but we remain family. No matter the disappointments, we recognize the special qualities and value we each bring to our family. I cannot imagine a world without my family, a life without these people I love. So just a note to share with all of you, my blood kin and my fictive kin, that you are much loved by me. And to let you I am very grateful to you for all you do and all the light your bring into my world and all the hope you give me for the future. Thanks for being you. And for loving me and letting me be me, my poet-yogi self. Keep shining and keep loving and keep living. Keep taking good care of yourselves. Keep loving me. But mainly, keep caring for you, the inner you, the core you, the light in you. Tend to it daily, your precious heart and soul. I want and need you here and want and need you well and happy. You are my soul mates. ❤


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