Posted by: Viola | December 8, 2015

Gemstones for the Artistic Soul: An Interview with Sara

It is my pleasure to present my second interview on Letters to Cameroon. It is such a joy for me to feature an artist whose work inspires me greatly. I believe in the healing power of art, and the work of this artist brings much healing to those who have the honor of wearing her yoga-inspired gemstone jewelry.

This particular artist inspires me on another level. She is a yoga instructor whose Bikram and Yin Yoga classes I have been taking this year. She brings her healing gifts to the yoga classroom, giving energy and confidence to her students through her mindful teaching and her generous spirit. Please join me in celebrating and honoring Sara and her artistic collection, hathamade.

I spoke with Sara last week and over the weekend about her creative process. I asked her to share with me what goes into the making of her jewelry and what she seeks to offer the world through her healing art. Here is my interview with Sara.

V: Can you share with us a little about your yoga background and training and a little about your philosophy as a yoga instructor?

Sara: In all honesty, I first tried yoga to lose weight. About a year prior, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Healing the MS didn’t feel like an option at that time, so I focused on getting my body back in shape. Within the first two weeks of finding hot yoga, I watched my body reset itself. Amazingly, I began the process of healing. My fatigue lifted, and for the first time since my diagnosis, I felt truly optimistic. I fell in love with yoga. I wanted to share it with everyone. If I can be of service to others–by holding space for them so that they can experience healing through yoga and perhaps fall in love with yoga–that is my goal.

V: How did you begin creating your yoga-inspired artwork? Do you make other kinds of art?

Sara: At a teacher training, I noticed a wrap bracelet one of my friends had, and I thought to myself, “I would love to make one of those.” When I got home, I went to the bead store and was immediately drawn to the gemstones. I picked Tree Agate for my first bracelet. I was so happy with how it turned out that I went back for more stones. People at the yoga studio started asking me about my bracelets, and hathamade was born. The most beautiful thing happened a few months after that. I got curious about the stone meanings. Although I had no idea about its healing properties when I picked it, Tree Agate turned out to be a stone for creativity, abundance, and growth. It also happens to be a stone used for healing MS.

I always tell people to go to the stones that they feel drawn to visually and look at the meaning afterward. It is wonderful to see how perfect their gemstone selection ends up being!

Funny you should ask about the other types of art that interest me. I used to draw and paint, but I had not done so in years, until about a week ago. I just broke out my coloring pencils, and I’m thinking there will be some paintings to follow.

V: What would you say most inspires your artwork? What message or mission, if any, do you view as central to your creative endeavors?

Sara: I feel that hathamade is an extension of my personal healing process. It brings me joy to create these pieces, and there is nothing more fulfilling than hearing about how my art has brought joy to someone else. I love being commissioned for custom orders and drawing inspiration from someone’s story. I also love picking up stones, charms, and other supplies and materials while traveling. Sometimes, these more eclectic pieces will end up being stored for years, but one day, I’ll look at them and know exactly where and how to use them to create a beautiful bracelet or set of meditation beads called a mala.

V: Where can we find your artwork or connect with you?

Sara: If you are local to Sacramento (northern California), you can find hathamade at Arden Hot Yoga and Hot Yoga at Sunrise. Online, you can find hathamade on Etsy and Facebook. 10% of every purchase will be donated to the National MS Society. You can request information by writing to: hathamade[at]gmail[dot]com

V: Thank you so much, Sara, for sharing your gift of great and beautiful art!
❤ ❤ ❤

 photo 363f91a3-c4d3-4eec-9b6b-90e77903ac47_zpsjotqvr8f.png

 photo 77e27ce4-c9cf-43c3-9665-a0ce3c0b0e4b_zpsegtrua4h.jpg

 photo fbfaa337-184b-4630-b792-76a220db8eb2_zpsm4da9jvq.jpg

❤ ❤ ❤



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