Posted by: Viola | December 2, 2015

Keep calm and cook something

I’ve been doing some cooking this week. And I love it. It is helping me feel calmer and more energized this week. So far so good. Last night, I enjoyed the last of my vegetable bake. And then I made some friend plantains, which I will share the recipe for, perhaps later this week.

Today, I made some apple and banana pancakes for me and my mom. So yummy. You can find a recipe for my pancakes here: Viola’s Pancakes. Today, I left the blueberries out and put in some freshly sliced/cubed apple. It came out so delicious, I had to slow down with all the eating. I’m not much of a cook, but there are a few things I really enjoy making…mostly things I also really enjoy eating. 🙂

Cooking and eating remind me very much of writing poetry. When we write something, craft it carefully, it takes certain amounts of various ingredients. Everything has to be blended, relatively seamlessly, and then we have a poem, an outcome, a dish, a meal…one that’s made up of words, images, objects, subjects, line breaks, punctuation, stanzas, rhyming, metering, repetition, and so much more.

Reading a well-done poem is like eating a beautifully cooked dish. It’s so fulfilling, so satisfying. And you feel like you can keep eating more and more of it. It fills you, gives you pleasure, makes you want to prolong the happiness or return to it, again and again. And when we feel we’ve had enough, we want to carefully save the leftovers, preserve some of what we enjoyed; so that when we feel hungry again, we know we can go back to the refrigerator or freezer and pull out that delicious thing.

That’s what we feel when we read a great poem. We guard it. We might share it, but we also keep it for ourselves. We put it somewhere near, keep it close. We go back to the book on the shelf with the marked page, and we open it, and we dive in, we dig in, and we devour that poem. ❤

If food is poetry, is not poetry also food? ~ Joyce Carol Oates


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