Posted by: Viola | November 22, 2015

Manuscript ready for edits

Just finished organizing my manuscript! Whew! Oh what a feat! It’s taken me a whole week to structure it and get rid of all the chaos, but in October, it took me about two weeks to get it started and running, as a draft. Poems have been indexed but I need to work on the table of contents. The main work I have been doing has been setting up sections (could be thought of as chapters, roughly) and also crafting new poems to fit in various parts of the manuscript (while also combing my notebooks for a few good and appropriate poems). Now that the manuscript is broken up into sections, I can see the layout a bit better, seeing the poems in each section and if they need to be moved around to other spots where they will enhance the flow of the manuscript. It was a late night yesterday, but today a much better night. Off to bed at 2 am instead of 4 am. 🙂 I am so tired. Who knew that poetry and manuscripts could be so exhausting? But now that the hardest part is done, and I am read for edits and revisions, I feel something I cannot ignore. Joy. Excitement. Joy. Joy. Joy. ❤



  1. congratulations! i just ordered my first set of copies of my own book so i know how exhausting and exciting the process you’re undergoing is 🙂 i will be looking out for your updates and sale dates! keep pushing 🙂

    • That’s fantastic. Congrats to you, as well, and hope you keep sharing your art with the world. Much peace and light and a Happy Holiday season to you, V.

  2. I write poetry also.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by. That’s wonderful, and hope you keep writing poems and sharing them. Much light and peace, V.

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