Posted by: Viola | November 21, 2015

Manuscript carpentry

It took me some days to transition out of MFA application mode, but the gears have shifted, and I am hard at work on a manuscript. I am coaching myself through it, urging myself to have faith in my poems, to not quit and throw my hands up in the air. I am hoping this manuscript will be more successful than the one I organized last year, at this very same time of year…fall 2014. Feels like déjà vu sometimes, around here, because this is exactly what I was working on a year ago, hammering out a manuscript. Feels like hammering, actually. But not too hard. Soft hammering, then. Very soft. Chiseling words and lines, sculpting poems and pages, sections, sequences of poems. Feels like carpentry, like measuring a lot of things, many of which I am barely conscious of. Intuitive measuring. I am trusting my intuition. Trusting my hands. My fingers. Trusting my eyes. Trusting my mind. Trusting my heart. ❤


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