Posted by: Viola | October 27, 2015

Two poems written tonight

I am up late tonight, writing poems. I took a break last week, during my father’s visit to California, and I did not write much for most of last week and over the weekend. I am sure the break was a good thing, at least for my hands which get tired of typing, especially my right hand. But last week, I felt frustrated at times, wanting nothing more than to be back in front of my computer and working on a poem or essay. Well, finally, I got to do that tonight. I had a busy day with work and a couple hours of volunteering, and then I came home, had a late dinner, and sat down to write. I didn’t expect anything to happen, since I hadn’t really gotten any big ideas or felt much inspiration over the weekend. But then two poems came, and I wrote them down. One needs more work than I’ve been able to do for now, but the other poem feels complete. I know some editor somewhere might say it isn’t finished, but I feel that it is just right. I will take a look at it tomorrow, with fresh eyes and hopefully after a full night of sleep. But I am happy. Happy to have two poems written down, two poems I didn’t expect. This is a blessing and I am so grateful. When poems come to me and I am able to write them down and re-read them, I feet like someone just handed me a very refreshing beverage to drink and I can now sip on it and savor every sip. This is the exquisite enjoyment of poetry. ❤


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