Posted by: Viola | October 21, 2015

My sister’s new music video breaks down barriers

My sister, Andy Allo, released her latest music video last week (October 16th). And it speaks volumes! It was a much anticipated video featuring one of the songs from her recent album, HELLO, an EP which she released earlier this year (available on iTunes and Amazon). Her music video to the song “Don’t Ever Say” is bold and breaks down barriers in the sense that it challenges us to step out of our predominantly heterosexual bias (or heteronormativity) and consider a same-sex relationship. As Andy Allo says, on her Twitter page, “Love & Heartbreak are Universal no matter who you’re with….” This choice for the music video is a powerful one that speaks volumes in our society. This summer, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of and legalizing gay marriage in the USA. My sister’s artistic choice to have the song be choreographed and performed for a love/romance between two women is a fitting tribute to how momentous this year has been, thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. I am fiercely proud of my sister for making this video and proud of the producer and dancers for creating a beautiful choreography. It is a joy to watch. ❤



  1. This is stunning – the video and the song. On repeat right now. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow that’s a fantastic music video…
    You sisters are blessed and talented

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