Posted by: Viola | October 18, 2015

First rains and puddles

Last night, I was up late, until about 2 am, working on some poetry. And as I turned in for the night, I heard something strange. Tap-tapping outside. It was raining. I couldn’t believe it. And then there was lightning and thunder. And then the rain got heavier. I was overjoyed. I couldn’t go to sleep. Not now. Not when it was raining, really raining, for the first time in so long. We’ve had record hot and dry weather around here, and I felt so confused just hearing the droplets hit the ground and the thunder rumble overhead and the lighting flash in quick bolts across the night sky. I didn’t know what to feel, at first, then I reminded myself to feel JOY…PURE JOY.

It was hard falling asleep. I got my audio recorder and put it by the window and recorded the rain falling. I figured this was the best way to make sure I am not dreaming. Make sure that when I wake up in the morning, I can listen to my audio recorder and know for a fact that it did rain during the night. I finally fell sleep after about an hour of just lying in bed and marveling at the deliciousness of rainfall and feeling so much gratitude for the complete music of it, a song I wanted to listen to all night long.

Today, in the early afternoon, it rained again. Not so much, but there was some steady downpour for a few minutes. I went outside with my nephew and we felt the rain on our arms and faces. We stretched out our palms and caught some of the droplets. My nephew is a few months shy of his second birthday. And I talked to him about the rain, the water falling from the sky, and it took him a few minutes, but soon he was able to sound out the word RAIN…he figured out that it sounds like TRAIN. We also jumped in puddles, which was such an awesome experience–I made a video of my nephew having a blast marching through the giant puddles near my brother’s house. I repeated the word PUDDLE to my nephew and he did his best pronouncing it.

It all made me realize that things have been so hot and dry here that the vocabulary of rain feels so novel, so unfamiliar to me, and so totally new to my nephew, whose experience of rain has been so limited. It felt so incredible to teach him practice using words that I love. Words like RAIN…PUDDLE…. I felt happy. And I could see on his face a new happiness as he waded through the puddles, a look of sheer joy and interest and mischief that I haven’t seen before. Rain brings joy. I want more rain. I want more joy. ❤



  1. We all do 🙂

  2. I wade through puddles every chance I get…this was a lovely read!

  3. Everything is great when u get a little of it. Even rain. At first, it will b awesome and then after some time ‘okey’ its raining. And then atlast “Oh god please not again”.
    This is how it goes for the human.
    Just in my point of view.
    (Law of dimnishing marginal Utility)

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