Posted by: Viola | October 8, 2015

5 Reasons Why I am a POET

As I work on my MFA application, especially my statement of purpose and the other various essay portions of the application, I find myself taking stock of just what it means to be a poet. I can look back on the past seven or eight years and see, quite clearly, what poetry has done for my life. I cannot enumerate all the wonderful experiences and blessings poetry has brought (and continues to bring) into my life, but here are a few:

  1. New Ways of Seeing–being a poet has altered my views on so many things. I can go into the sacred space of poetry and take on new perspectives, new ways of seeing. My visions of myself and my views of the world are constantly liberated and rejuvenated by poetry.
  2. New Ways of Being–poetry has brought me back from the edge of doom quite often, carried me through those dark valleys of failure and inadequacy, and brought me back to my self, to a place of healing within my own heart, mind, and soul. Poetry has allowed me to fashion a new being from the ashes of my former, unhappy self. Now, I have a happy, healthy self. A vibrant, engaged, active, productive, creative self. Thanks to poetry. (Yoga helped, too, and so did my loved ones, but poetry has been the driving force behind my healing and wellness.)
  3. New Communities of Lovely and Like-Minded People–poetry has connected me to people who share my passions for writing and for making a positive difference in the world. These people light me up because they are so lit up! They are happy doing what they love and sharing their joy with others. They help me and they teach me to do what they do–to love what I do and share that joy with others.
  4. A Standard for True Peace–poetry and the act/art of writing it or reading it or sharing it with others brings me a feeling of absolute peace. Sometimes, the moments of peace are long, sometimes brief, but they are incredible, and I cherish these moments immensely. I know what inner peace and contentment feel like, thanks to poetry. I can take this knowledge into my life, as a whole, and determine when I am in a situation that feels peaceful and joyful or not, because I have a point of reference for what peace and joy feel like.
  5. A Personal Practice and Life Path–poetry and writing have become my personal practice. I suspect they always were, but I simply hadn’t realized it or paid closer attention. Now I make sure to honor writing as a deeply spiritual and soul-bound, sacred practice. Writing is my way of gaining a sense of stillness and focus. When I cannot do yoga or sit still for a yoga meditation, I know I can get myself busy with writing, and that simple act will take me back to who I am and what I am meant to do, my highest purpose in life, my true journey. Poetry is everything, it is all. It is my personal practice, and it is my path in life. To feel my feet on this path must be what the angels feel when they spread their wings and take flight.

I am filled with gratitude, so much gratitude, for the great and bountiful blessing of experiencing all these positive things, in my lifetime, which are things I once thought I’d never experience. I am glad for the voice in my heart that told me to follow my calling, even when it seemed like the least glamorous and reliable or safe thing to do. I am glad I took a chance on poetry. It has paid off, in a billion beautiful ways. ❤

No matter what form of art you feel drawn to and practice, no matter what positive path you envision for yourself in life, it is so important to honor that which gives you joy and peace, as well as a way to connect to others and making a difference in the world. I wish for each person on earth the chance to live a life in which they get to discover their passions and their unique positive paths. I can imagine what the world would be like, if we all had this chance. That’s the kind of world I hope for, and though I am not the most pious person on earth, when I do pray, that is what I pray for, the opportunity for joy and peace for all beings, especially through art and positive, life-affirming, life-enhancing creative endeavors. ❤



  1. Writing is such an intensely personal – not to mention powerful – medium for conversation with both oneself and a community.  I love it.  And I love this post!  Good luck with the application!

    • that is so right! Poetry is powerful! It’s a way of communicating (and listening) deeply, which is why it is so healing. Thank you so much for your words! Ah, I know there is so much more to come from this my love affair with poetry. ❤ 🙂

  2. “To feel my feet on this path must be what the angels feel when they spread their wings and take flight.” That is such a beautiful thought 🙂 People say that talking about your feelings unburdens your heart, but I think writing about it, takes you a step ahead! You just don’t unburden your pain, but also find the peace and closure within yourself, because no one can know what’s the best solution for a problem, other than your own soul 🙂 🙂

  3. Oh so true. 🙂

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