Posted by: Viola | October 1, 2015


Last week, I received a message from an editor at WORDPRESS. She had seen my poem, What Happened to the Cameroonian Poet Who Fell in Love? and enjoyed reading it. She said the poem would be featured in WordPress’ FRESHLY PRESSED cue of interesting and notable blog posts from bloggers around the world.

I was thrilled. I could not wait. What an honor to have my poem noticed and read by an editor at WordPress, and then beyond that, what magical abundance to have my poem featured on WordPress!!! I was so speechless.

The poem was shared on WordPress’ FRESHLY PRESSED page on September 30th, 2015. And I cannot say Thank You enough to Cheri, the editor at WordPress who contacted me, and to WordPress for creating a space for sharing the works of humble writers like me. Thank you with all my heart!

Actually, I had no idea it was up already. I had been working hard on some writing all day on Tuesday (whew!), and so I decided to take an offline day on Wednesday. I did not log into my computer. No email. No social media. Nothing.

That’s how come I missed the Tweet from Freshly Pressed alerting me to the publication of my poem on their page. That’s how come I also missed the amazing *inlux* of likes and comments and followers at my blog. Wow!

Just before heading to bed, in the early hours of October 1st, I decided to take a look at my blog and see if I could post an update. I logged in and was stunned to see the traffic to my blog. Wow! Wow! Wow!

This is some major blog love, and I am falling to my knees with gratitude for all the wonderful feedback and likes and followers. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

To all of you reading my blog right now: Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading my poem. Thank you for sharing your kind words. Thank you for your time. It means the world to me. Much of love and light to you, Viola.



  1. I can feel your excitement. Don’t think its just because of luck. Its your hard work that gives you this achievement.

  2. That was a masterpiece. You really deserved it.

    • Thank you! The honor goes to all the beauty of poetry… 🙂

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