Posted by: Viola | September 9, 2015

Upon the death of my uncle at a young age

Over the weekend, one of my uncles in Cameroon passed away. He had a heart attack. He was only in his early 50s–I am not sure of his exact age.

I can’t believe he is gone. I just can’t wrap my mind around his passing. And I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we can all go, at any time. We will all pass away. It’s just a matter of time. There is very little we can do about mortality, beyond doing what we can to stay safe and healthy and peaceful. However, no matter what we do to enhance our longevity, death will eventually take us all.

I think of my uncle and how he must have believed he had more time here. More time to finish the projects and businesses he was engaged in. He must have believed he had more time with his family, time to be with his loved ones and watch his children grow. He must have looked forward to a time when he could retire and perhaps enjoy all the years of hard work he had put into his career, his family, and all his goals.

Now, all of a sudden, he is gone. Everything he was working on and juggling and striving for is now up in the air, left to his family and friends and colleagues to sort out. All his hopes and dreams, gone. All his plans, all his goals. Gone. Just like that. All gone. Except for the projects and endeavors his family chooses to continue, on his behalf and for his honor.

If at close to age 50, I were to pass away, too, this would mean I have just a little over a decade of living left to do. I am 36 years old now, and my birthday is coming up soon. So… within a few years, I will be 40, then I will be 50… and if I live beyond that, well…we know what comes.

I hope I live a long life, but I know this is not something the world guarantees me. The time I have could be limited. I could be here a long time, or I could be gone quickly. And this could be any of you, all of us. We are here one minute, then we are *POOF!* gone the next minute.

It’s important to live each day fully, or at least do the best we can to appreciate our days and weeks and years. Cherish the moments we have with those we love. Do what we can do accomplish as many of our dreams and goals as we can achieve in the time we have. And perhaps be an inspiration to others on their journeys, supporting others as best we can.

And we must get ready to go, to leave it all behind, when the time comes. Be ready now, not tomorrow and not next year. Be ready right now. Be ready, as ready as we can be for death. Expect it anytime, because it can come anytime and any place. Be ready to journey on. Find the courage in our hearts and minds to make peace with our mortality. And to accept the unpredictability of the journey through life and the mystery of the voyage into death.


To my Uncle Solomon: I wish you peace. I wish your family comfort at this time. ❤


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