Posted by: Viola | July 7, 2015

Safe and sound in Chicago

The past week has been a whirlwind of activity. I haven’t had time to catch my breath and just sit still–sit still long enought to blog, until now. I have missed blogging. I was busy, worked three days last week. Then my sister-in-law came for a short visit over the weekend. So I spent quite some time during the week cleaning and organizing my room and the home I share with my mom. We worked hard to get a lot done and we had a wonderful visit with my sister-in-law.

In the midst of all this activity, I was prepping for my trip to Chicago. I traveled today, after spending Sunday night up late packing, or trying to decide (once and for all) what to pack and what would fit into my small carry-on luggage. I packed a little food and packed some clothes and my toiletries. I also packed a few books and my laptop and camera. I packed a veggie burger and some snacks for the road.

On Sunday, my mother played the piano and I recorded her playing lots of my favorite songs. I wanted to have her music with me on this trip, especially to keep me sane on the flight. I don’t like flying very much, and I get very nervous being on a plane up above the clouds. I am pretty good at managing my fear of flying, but I also love and appreciate anything that helps me stay calm on the plane.

I got to enjoy my mother’s music today, before the flight. But my battery died–gggrrrr. I had already enjoyed her songs, thankfully, before my battery gave out. I felt calm and happy. I appreciate my mom so much. She makes my life a more serene place. I am endlessly grateful for that.

On the flight, I got to catch up on a little sleep. Not much, but I did doze off. I didn’t do much else. Did not read anything, except for a short article in the UNITED airlines flight magazine, Hemispheres. Did not talk to anyone. Just sat in silence. Being quiet and still. Eager to be on the ground in Chicago, but also happy for some moments to just not be rushing around trying to get things done.

I sat there, in my aisle seat, and of course I remembered something I forgot to bring with me. Nothing major. But something small that I needed and wanted, something to help me mark the pages of my chapbook for the reading on Thursday. But that is okay. Perhaps I can pick up some post-it notes or something. Or ask my host family/friends if they can loan me a few post-its.

Wow. So that’s my main worry. Right now. Post-its. What beauty. I am safe and sound, on the ground, in Chicago, and looking forward to reading at the Poetry Foundation on Thursday evening, and also eager to meet the editors and my fellow poets from the African Poetry Book Fund. So excited. So nervous. But in a good way.

Yeah. So post-its, my friends. Post-its. That’s all I need right now. Everything is going to be alright. My problem is a small problem. Easily fixed. Easy. Easy. Easy. I will hunt down some post-its tomorrow and all will be well. ❤


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