Posted by: Viola | June 29, 2015

My sister sings at Harlow’s in Sacramento

“The creative spirit and the love that nurtures it mean so much more than wealth and fame. The greatest rewards of being an artist reside within the creative process itself and within the deep and positive connections that art establishes between people.” ~Viola Allo

My sister Andy Allo was in Sacramento this past weekend. On Saturday, she performed at Harlow’s on J Street in downtown Sacramento. It was a wonderful evening. I was so happy to see her on stage and listen to her sing. She performed songs from her new EP “Hello” and a few songs from her other two albums (Superconductor and Unfresh). She had her guitarist and drummer with her, and they made exceptionally good music for the audience that evening. The show was scheduled to begin at 10 pm, but it began a little after that. It went for an hour, ending around 11:20 pm. The lights in the club were dimmed, and the stage lights flashed their varied colors.

Our family turned out to support my sister during the show and enjoy her music. My other sister handled the merchandise table, which offered lots of items for purchase and for fans who wanted autographs. There were t-shirts, CDs, lyric booklets, guitar picks, pins, stickers, and posters for safe–and a free bracelet as a gift with every purchase. I helped with taking photos during the show and also recording some of the songs on video (though my camera was not the best and couldn’t handle the loud volume of the speakers during the show). My mother attended the show and watched the performance from the small VIP lounge area at the back of the room.

The audience was very mellow. They sat and enjoyed their drinks and dinner while listening to the music. Some cheered and hooted when they really enjoyed a song. A few people stood up to dance. Waitresses walked around the room, weaving between tables, bringing people their refreshments. After the show, many guests lined up to meet Andy and purchase her CD and get her autograph. She talked with fans and most of them took photos with her. I got to play photographer with fans’ cellphones, as they posed for their personal photos with Andy. Fans expressed lots of joy and appreciation, some giving us all hugs. Perhaps they had a few drinks and were feeling very happy and relaxed (smile), but I would like to believe they genuinely enjoyed the show, too, and love my sister’s songs. Some fans traveled from towns a few hours away, just to attend the show.

My sister’s music and her performances are pretty amazing and inspiring. Her songs are great and she is an amazing songwriter, crafting lyrics that truly touch those who listen to her songs. After the show, I felt so inspired just watching her meet with fans, hearing fans express so much support and dedication to my sister’s work and music, and seeing people from all walks of life come up to say “hi” and “thank you.” This moved me so much because it is a tough job putting on a show. So much goes into pulling it off. First, there is the actual music, which has to be recorded, produced, and put into an album. Then there are rehearsals and band preparations. Then there is travel and set up and sound checks. The venue has to promote the show and sell tickets. And of course, there is the audience and the investment of their time and funds to attend the show.

Lots of people have to work together to create an event. A lot goes into this, and for people to appreciate this work of being a musical artist means so much, especially because these shows are not profit-making–they simply provide funds to cover expenses, for many independent artists like my sister. My sister’s EP/new album, “Hello,” has received lots of support directly from fans. Her fans made all the difference and made this wonderful project possible. And my sister has delivered a wonderful album with a refreshing new style, showcasing her evolution as an artist. I am proud of her work but also proud of the collaboration and support that characterized her project, the generosity of her fans and their encouragement.

We all have the power to give art a space and a place to thrive in our world. I saw this at my sister’s show. It gives me hope to see people come out to engage with art and with the artist. It inspires me to keep making my own art, to stay true to it, no matter what. The creative spirit and the love that nurtures it mean so much more than wealth and fame. The greatest rewards of being an artist reside within the creative process itself and within the deep and positive connections that art establishes between people. To my sister and to all artists out there, PLEASE remain devoted to your art, devoted to connecting with others, devoted to sharing more of your gifts and light with the world. ❤

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