Posted by: Viola | May 28, 2015

SummerWords 2015 literary festival begins today

Dear Friends, I am back from Oklahoma. I flew back to California yesterday. It was tough saying goodbye to my father and family in Oklahoma, but I hope to see them again soon, perhaps visiting them again in the fall. Being able to spend time and talk with my father is hugely important to me. However, it is also great to be back in California, and now I get to spend time with my family here but also return to my writing projects. I have a lot of work ahead of me this summer and fall.

The work begins…now!

Today, in just a few hours, the incredible literary conference and festival called SummerWords will begin. I am so thrilled. I will be attending as many workshops as I can. There will be tons of wonderful speakers, and on Saturday, there will be a keynote by Carolyn Forché. Please follow the link below to read about the festival. You can find links to the schedule for each day of the festival and also a link to the presenters’ biographies.

SummerWords 2015 With keynote by Carolyn Forché

At the festival, I will gather as much inspiration and encouragement to carry me through the coming year. The festival is a veritable watering hole for thirsty artists like me. So I will be there to drink up as many ideas and words and insights as I can. Can’t wait. And I will be posting a recap of each day, sharing as much as I can here on my blog so that those who cannot attend the festival can still read about it here and gather encouragement and inspiration for their own writing projects.


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