Posted by: Viola | May 5, 2015

How to Publish Your Poetry: A Beginners Workshop

How to Publish Your Poetry: A Beginners Workshop

My poetry workshop today just ended, and this is a quick recap for those who were not able to attend. I wanted to share with readers a little bit of what I covered, as far as publishing poetry goes. It was wonderful sharing my experiences and thoughts on publishing poetry, and I want to encourage any aspiring poets and writers out there to believe that their work is worth sharing, if they choose to publish it. Here are my tips for working toward publishing your poetry.

1. Write, write, write. Write as much as you can, and write about the topics you love and feel passionate about. Write about your interests and memories and personal stories. Write about the themes you like. Explore what you know deeply and write from your core. This makes you stand out, when it comes to sharing your work with others and publishing your poems.

2. Explore local opportunities to share your work, either through local literary centers or associations, journals or magazines, and perhaps through classes/workshops and even college campuses. Join meet-up groups, or connect with fellow writers. Talk to instructors and authors in your local literary scene and get advice on how/where to publish your work.

3. Local presses or small, independent presses are a wonderful resource to explore, as well. Reach out to owners/founders of these presses or connect with the editors at these presses. Find out what their interests are and what kinds of work they like to publish. You can also research authors/writers they have published and read their books.

4. Poetry presses and their contests or book prizes are an important resource for poets. Once you have a manuscript ready, for a chapbook or a full book, you can submit it to prizes and contests that you are eligible for. Many poets publish their books in this way, winning awards that offer cash prizes and publication of their books. These presses might also have contests for individual poems, and might offer publication for each poem in an anthology or online.

5. Self-publication is another avenue to pursue for publication. E-books are growing by leaps and bounds in popularity, so you can opt to make an e-book of your poetry. You can also self-publish a physical copy of your book. If you choose to self publish, you will have to market your work quite a bit, so be ready to promote your work and handle that side of the process.

6. Blogging, I have found, is invaluable and such an amazing way to not only immediately publish  your work, if you want to do so, but is also a great way to connect with readers and get feedback or start conversations about the topics that interest you or your audience. Blogging is low cost and highly accessible, and is a must in this digital age, in my opinion.

Share your work! Make it your goal to write, above all, whether you choose to publish or not. And if you do opt to publish your work, know that publishing opportunities abound and the world needs your art. ❤



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