Posted by: Viola | March 31, 2015

My TED Talk marathons

I don’t know about you, but I love TED talks. Today, I have watched–I lost track of exactly how many–incredible Ted talks. With increasing frequency, I am doing TED talk marathons, days I spend browsing and watching as many talks as I can. it is positively addictive.

I love learning. And I love being in an environment where new ideas and tons of stories get shared. Watching TED talks is the closest I come to being in a classroom without having to actually go enroll and pay tuition and take exams. It’s convenient, accessible, enriching, entertaining, and just everything I need to have, right from the comfort of my own home. I love it, love it, love it!

I am forcing myself to shut off now and leave the TED talk YouTube page. But it is hard! I keep seeing more and more talks I really want to take a peek at and listen to. Well, they will be there later. For now, I need to get off this computer or get some of my own writing and reading done.

Maybe someday, I will be on TED. I will move from being the audience to being on that stage. I wonder: what would I say, what would my talk be about, what stories would I share, how would I go about inspiring others through my words, what slides and photos would I prepare for my presentation, and on and on??? That’s what I am wondering.

If I were to give a TED talk, I know that I would read my poems, share the story of how I came to be a poet, and how poetry has changed me and altered my life, given me and my life new purpose and meaning and joy. And I know what my overall theme would be: I would say to people: follow your bliss, practice your passion, live your dreams every day if you can. Nourish and share your happiness. ❤


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