Posted by: Viola | March 28, 2015

Follow your bliss! Follow it!

So much of life centers around suffering. Sometimes, there is no choice about it. But sometimes, we do have a choice. And when we do, why do we choose to suffer more instead of the alternative, which is to be more joyful? If we are given the opportunity to be happy, why choose a path that makes us sad? If we are given schools with tons of academic options to pick from, why do we pick the things we don’t like over the thing we know we would love to study? As kids, we learn from those around us. Perhaps our parents and guardians struggle daily, doing jobs that demean them. Perhaps we hail from a background of financial hardship and adversity. Perhaps we are told that this is the way life has to be. Endless struggles and suffering. Endless poverty. Perhaps we learn to believe that we simply aren’t worthy of joy, of finding work that actually makes us smile, even if we do have to toil at it. Somehow, as kids, we learn to separate work and happiness. Work is unpleasant, and we accept this, without realizing that there are millions of potential jobs and kinds of work, and some are actually fun and quite pleasant. I look back on my childhood and wish that I had received more of the message that I can find joy through my choice of work or career. I wish I had been groomed to seek out my passions from a very young age and pursue them fully, to the extreme limits of my abilities. Now that I am older, I have to groom myself to follow my bliss, to think of how I love to work and what I love to do that makes me excited each day. I have to believe that I am worthy of this. I have had days of going to a job where I broke down in tears just outside the office, dreading going in, hating every minute at work. I cannot go back there. Instead, I am looking ahead. Looking forward to a lifetime in which I smile and laugh at work, feel alive and well and inspired at work. Feel comfortable and glad to be there. Here’s to that future job. Here’s to that work, which I am already doing, as a writer. Here’s to one humble lady following her bliss and turning her dreams into reality. And here’s to everyone out there, seeking to follow your own unique path to joy. May your journey be rewarding, in and of itself, and may many fellow travelers gather insight and inspiration from you, and may we all work together to manifest a work-world in which more people are joyfully employed. ❤

Note: Here is a short and easy to read article on finding your passion. If you are seeking to follow your bliss, this is a starting point.



  1. This was such an inspiring post. I also am enjoying reading your poetry.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by my page and for reading and drawing inspiration for this post. It means a lot to me.

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