Posted by: Viola | March 21, 2015

My published article on education in Cameroon

Today, I wanted to see just which of my articles/essay are online and I did a search and found this treasure: an essay/article I wrote, the first one ever, in terms of academic-type writing, that I wrote and that was published in a journal. I wrote it as an undergraduate student at the University of California, Davis. I did a research project on education in Cameroon, a topic I had been obsessed with for a while. Writing that article was tough, as I recall. I was juggling so much. I was doing a literature review, to get the historical perspective on education in Cameroon. And then I was doing a small survey, to gather contemporary student perspectives. I talked with students I either knew from Cameroon or studied with in Cameroon.

Well, it took about a couple years to actually finish everything and see the article to final publication, in the McNair Scholars Journal in 2003. I couldn’t have done it without the support of a great academic adviser and mentor and without the help of friends and family. It was a great accomplishment. It would have been my thesis, for my senior year at university, if I had done a thesis project. It probably would have been a chapter in my dissertation, too, if I had finished my PhD, since my graduate work also sought to explore education in Cameroon. Alas, here I am. A poet. But still for Cameroon. Always a writer for Cameroon.

Here is the article, for those who feel brave enough to take it on. 🙂

Education in Cameroon: An Historical and Contemporary Student Perspective


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