Posted by: Viola | March 13, 2015

First poetry prize submission for 2015

The poem I have been working on this week, from a prompt, has now been submitted. I’ve spent the week looking at it and making edits, and tonight, I felt ready to let it go–a bittersweet moment, releasing the poem out into the world, into the hands of the judges who might accept or reject it, but now it’s out of my control. I am well ahead of the March 31st deadline for this particular contest, and I can now shift gears and attend to a few other submission with fast-approaching deadlines.

So it is official. My first poetry prize submission for 2015 is complete! I am planning to submit to several poetry prizes this year, so this is my way of getting started early. Not waiting until the summer like I did last year and then scrambling with too many deadlines throughout the fall, to the point that I just gave up, exhausted. We’ll see how things go this year. Considering that I didn’t do exceptionally well as far as my submissions went last year, I remain optimistic and hopeful that this year will be better. That I will not just make it into the final rounds and shortlists but actually win a prize.

That said, I am mindful of the fact that being a poet is NOT (and never will be) about winning prizes. It’s about the beauty of crafting art. The magic of it. The exquisite pleasure of it. The joy of seeing something take form where nothing was before. The page, once blank, now filled with writing. Lyrical writing. Music. Images. Voices. Words. Stories. Memories. It’s all magic and being a poet/artist means being the magician. Even if only a magician of small, sweet moments.



  1. Good job! Getting a piece ready for submission is always the hardest, but it feels good once it is finally submitted, and even better once it is accepted.

    • I completely agree…now just have to sit tight and wait for a few months…and keep busy in the meantime. 🙂

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