Posted by: Viola | March 12, 2015

Poem by prompt — to be submitted soon!

I finished a poem today that I have been working on for a few days. I wrote it last month. February. I wrote it on Valentine’s Day. This particular poem is special because I wrote it in response to a prompt for a poetry contest. While most of my poems emerge organically from my memories and random thoughts/ideas, this particular poem emerged from the idea given in a prompt. From there, I dove into my mental archives and figured out what to write about that would fit with the designated theme. I wrote down the first draft and put it away for a few weeks. I knew I’d come back to it this month and rework it. Late last week, I typed it out, put it in verses, and cleaned up some of the words and images that seemed clunky or unclear. It’s a longish narrative poem. It reads like a story. But it is fun and engaging. At least, I think so. It reads like a short story. And I absolutely love that. I think more poems should read like stories. I think more poets could be better storytellers (and that includes me). I am challenging myself to be more of a storyteller in my poetry. I am excited to submit the poem to the contest that gave the prompt. And see what comes of it! Either way, it’s wonderful to write a poem in response to a prompt. Something I haven’t done in a long while (especially since I haven’t really been taking writing workshops lately and being exposed to assignments with prompts). Experiencing writing this way, with an idea given to me by someone other than myself, makes me feel happy and encouraged. Makes me feel that I can write from other people’s suggestions and not only rely on my own mind, my own idea-generating apparatus. Makes me marvel at all the possible ways a poem can come about and be written out. In a gentle and collaborative way. ❤



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