Posted by: Viola | February 25, 2015

Next StageIt Poetry Reading – Feb 28, 2pm

Looking forward to this Saturday, 2pm, California time (PST). Tune in this coming weekend for a reading and a brief talk about the beauty of making art.

Join me for a reading of my poetry on what it means to be a writer and to become an artist. I will read a selection of poems about my journey with poetry and what it feels like to be a poet. I will also share stories on the six key ways in which I became a poet/artist, words of wisdom for every artist or aspiring artist/writer. While I will focus on my journey as a writer/poet, I will highlight the similarities in the creative process across genres and artistic mediums. Part poetry reading and part literary workshop, it will be an interactive reading that celebrates art and the artistic processes that enrich our creative work. This reading will be accompanied by live piano music, played by my mother who is a wonderful pianist.

It’s going to be a reading and so much more–designed to be a writing workshop in which I will share my thoughts on being a writer / artist. The best treat will be my mom playing her piano during the reading. Artful and art-filled on so many levels.

Tune in, join us, grace us with your presence, and enjoy!

Becoming a Writer/Artist in Six Beautiful Ways (With Live Piano Music)

Please feel free to share with others. See you there!


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