Posted by: Viola | February 15, 2015

Great first poetry reading online

I just completed my first poetry reading on StageIt and it went wonderfully. It was an incredible experience. I don’t think I have ever experienced something this fantastic, as far as poetry readings go. It was broadcast from the comfort of my room, where I write and read and sleep and wake up and craft more and more poetry. I did the reading from my sacred place. I sat on the floor, on my yoga mat, the magical “post” or place where I do most of my writing.

In the audience, I had my mother and father. And a friend. It was such an honor. A small audience but a very auspicious and supportive audience. It did much to calm my nerves. I read ten poems, which was exactly what I could fit into the 30 minute show. It started at 2:05 pm, and it ran until about 2:40 pm, so there was five extra minutes thrown in for an encore. The poems I read have been featured/published in my BIRD FROM AFRICA chapbook.

I was able to fit in some brief introductions for each poem, explaining themes and choices and reasons why I wrote the poems. I was also able to talk a little about the chapbook series I am a part of (Eight New-Generation African Poets) and show the audience what the 2015 box set looks like.

I got great feedback, in real time, from the audience. They could see my image clearly and hear my voice clearly. Fantastic! They gave me feedback about my glasses, and I took my glasses off during the reading, since they were obscuring my face. 🙂 I wore my dress from Cameroon (Bamenda), with some embroidery on it. It was a lovely experience. I look forward to doing another reading soon. I will plan one for mid-March or mid-April. Please tune in, if you can, next time, and share and enjoy the beautiful art of poetry with me. ❤


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