Posted by: Viola | February 13, 2015

I am a finalist for a poetry contest!!!

Right now, I swear I am going out of my mind with joy. I just learned that I am a finalist for a poetry prize (a poetry contest that I submitted to last year in the late summer). And not just that, but I am a double-finalist (who knew that this was even possible)? I am a finalist in two separate categories on the same prize.

The prize is called the TOM HOWARD/MARGARET REID POETRY CONTEST. It was one of the seven (or was it eight?) contests I submitted my poems to last year. I submitted two of my best poems to the contest, and today I received an email notification from the prize representative informing me that I made it into the finals for both categories of the contest. One category is for a formal/structured poem–a poem written in a very specific format or style. The other category for the prize is for a poem written free-style or free-form, with no particular structure or format.

It is wonderful news!!! It’s remarkable to read the email they sent me, letting me know that I am one of 14 finalists selected from a pool of over 1500 entries. Unbelievable. I am not sure what to do with myself right now. The winners will be announced on April 15th this year. And there will also be honorable mentions. So if I do not win the prize, I might be an honorable mention. I need to calm down. I am excited. This is a dream come true. I am so grateful for this kind of good news. It encourages me, so deeply. Okay, I need to go have some ice cream. And then CALM DOWN AND KEEP WRITING. ❀



  1. Congratulations on being one of the finalists in this poetry contest. Whatever happens after, whether you win or not, you have grown tremendously since that time, and your work as well as your confidence in yourself as a great poet also.

    • Thank you so much…words cannot convey how happy I am. But even if I do not win, I will be content. I truly love the notion that in a huge pool of over 1500 poets, my creative work does stand out. These poems are the loves of my life and they shine. That makes me proud. very proud. ❀

  2. congrats!! love your writing too:)

    • This is a beautiful time of celebration for me. Thanks so much for your words. And for reading my writing. I love your website, and am so thrilled to see so many African artists just doing their thing and making great expressions of their artistic gifts and passions. Beautiful. ❀

  3. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much… It’s strange, but I do have remind myself that I am worthy of this good news. That all those hours writing and all that time at the Library has been well spent and I am worthy of success… πŸ™‚

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