Posted by: Viola | February 6, 2015

Meeting two great authors — in their pajamas!

When I was in grad school, I attended a talk by two great authors. It was a *pajama* talk. Two authors, in their pajamas and bathrobes, gave a talk and answered questions. The room was packed, people squeezed into every inch of space. I found a spot in the aisle, and I stared at the two women in their bathrobes. One of the authors, Ruth Behar, was wearing her magic shoes. I knew, instantly, that I wanted to be an author, a creative writer, just like the two women sitting at the front of the room, wrapped in bathrobes and wearing their pajamas. I wanted to give a talk one day; I wanted to answer questions about my writing. I wanted to give a talk in my pajamas and a bathrobe, if I so desired. I wanted to have a pair of magic shoes and wear them. I wanted to be Ruth Behar. I wanted to be Sandra Cisneros, the other author. I wanted to write a book like “Caramelo” by Sandra Cisneros. My whole body shook, and I even wept when I met Sandra and got her autograph. She gave me a hug and made me feel at home, in a room full of so many strangers. ❤ I’m a writer today. And though I don’t give any talks–not yet, maybe one day–I write every day. And most days, when I write, I am wrapped in a robe and wearing my PJs. 🙂


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