Posted by: Viola | January 30, 2015

My mother talks about the beauty of being different

My mother and I just had a conversation on the subject of whether my being a poet is a disappointment to her. She read my blog post, in which I talk about the validation I feel from seeing my poems published as a chapbook, and she had some thoughts on it. And so we talked about my poetry and my choice to focus on being an artist.

My mother says she has never viewed me as a disappointment and has never felt let down by my choices. She says that she has always wanted each of her children to pursue their passions in life. And above all, to be happy.

It’s wonderful to hear her say these words, because her thoughts haven’t always been obvious to me. Although she is my strongest supporter and greatest champion, I’ve always wondered whether she secretly hoped I would be someone else. We talked it over, and as we talked she said lots of things that I won’t soon forget.

My mother says she thinks it is wonderful when a person makes a choice to deviate from the well-worn trails of life, all those beaten paths. She says it is great to do something different, something unusual and unexpected. She says when someone does something different and new, it is wonderful to see it unfold and witness what happens. It’s exciting.

My mother says there is nothing phenomenal about doing what everybody else does and no good reason to be just like everybody else. She says this is not the way to happiness. Most people who chart their lives in this way wind up being unhappy.

My mother says she wishes she had done something different with her life. Something that set her apart in her choices, rather than doing what everyone else was doing. My mother says she wishes she had been an artist all her life. As a child, she was multi-talented. She made art in many different ways. She wrote. She drew/sketched. She played the piano. She loved reading. And she had a passion for horses. She put most of her artistic interests and passions aside when she became a wife and mother.

My mother says that if you find your artistic and creative passions, never let them go. No matter what the world tells you to do, don’t stop doing what gives you joy. Don’t stop writing. Or painting. Or making music. ❤



  1. You have a very wise mother

    • Thank u so much…she is very wise indeed… ❤

  2. Actually, your mother has lived a life far, far from ordinary. What bravery it must have taken her to leave behind everything she ever knew, and immerse herself in a foreign culture, a place that was completely alien to her. That’s a story waiting to be told.

    • Hi Ramin…my mom saw your comment and she agrees…she has one incredible story to tell… ❤

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