Posted by: Viola | December 29, 2014

A Family Feast

For Christmas, we had a family feast. I made my cookies, of course. My sister made an awesome carob cake. My aunt and cousins made enchiladas and a vegetable casserole, as well as a salad. My aunt also brought some homemade humus and corn chips. My brother made some delicious beans, in the Cameroonian style. I boiled some ripe plantains to go with the beans. My brother’s friend made some stir-fried rice. I forgot to bring the avocados I had gotten specially for the meal. All the same, there was more food than we could eat. Lots of cookies and sweet treats. Lots of hearty dishes for the main meal. It was a wonderful day, Christmas. Full of food and laughter. My nephews–the kids–were the only ones to get presents, and they had fun opening them. I got a big ball for my littlest nephew who is almost 1 year old. He was so happy to carry and toss the ball. We all played, talked, and enjoyed being together. The day went by too quickly. I left my brother some cookies, and he gave me some beans to bring home. My brother loved my cookies so much that he wants me to make more, just for him. And I enjoyed his beans so much that I am going to have to get his recipe. He is a great cook. As I enjoy the last of the beans from Christmas, I am sad and nostalgic. I don’t think I have had beans that taste this great in such a long while. And beans made in the Cameroonian style are really the only way I want to eat beans. I miss that about Cameroon. How everything is cooked just right. Poetry in the kitchen, and poetry in the pot. The sauce seasoned with the best savory spices. The vegetables cooked just right. Everything in the pot is perfect. Just divine. In that simple and authentic but grand Cameroonian style. ❤

 photo 6120b9b9-7125-44af-823c-4eec57340b13_zpsf08f58d6.jpg


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