Posted by: Viola | December 18, 2014

Rainstorms in California

The last week has been a week of big storms here in California. It seems like the first time in ages that we have had this much rain. I dare not complain. I love it. I want more. We need more. Rain. Starting on Wednesday last week, late into the night, the wind picked up and the rain came. It rained all through the night and nonstop all day on Thursday last week. Friday, things were a little clear. Then on the weekend, the rain returned. Monday this week, the rain was here. Yesterday was quite clear, but today the rain was back in business. There was even lightening and thunder, a rarity around here. We really have battened down the hatches in the last week and remained indoors a lot. But I am loving the puddles outside and the fresh smelling air. I am loving the damp. Ah, the moisture on the ground and in the air. I am loving the green grass, which is usually dry and pretty sad-looking by this time of year, since we have been in a drought for quite a while. I know the rain has been destructive in some parts of California and the western USA, wreaking havoc along the coast and causing landslides/mudslides in areas that endured the ravages of wildfires. But the reality is: we need the rain, at least in the valley of California. So I am going to take a peek through the window and look again. And also listen for the pitter-patter of the rain. Just to make sure that it’s all real. This rain in California. Real and here again. I am going to look, listen, and sniff for the rain. Then go out and simply touch the rain.


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