Posted by: Viola | December 18, 2014

Happy holidays, away from Facebook

I have been off Facebook for just over a month. I chose to take a break from Facebook so I could focus on my manuscript. I made a promise to myself to keep away from Facebook until the manuscript was done. Well, it is not done, and I am still off Facebook and a long way away from returning. As the holidays approach (Christmas and New Year’s Day), I find myself sorely tempted to return to Facebook, just to wish my Facebook friends a happy holiday season. But I have to stay strong. Facebook can be so distracting, for me at least. And if I return, I will soon be stuck there. I need to maintain my focus and keep chipping away at this manuscript. I also have tons of other writing projects that need my attention. I am fighting to stay focused. Everyday, little things come up, calling me away from my book writing. So I cannot even picture how much more chaotic my day would be, if I tried to throw in hours of reading updates and posts on Facebook, as well as messaging people and commenting and “liking” their posts and then even posting my own status updates. Social media is no joke. I am not on Twitter or Instagram. And I hesitate to join more social media sites. I am just not ready to take all of that on. For now, I am hoping that my friends and readers, from Facebook and elsewhere, will stop by my blog and know that I am thinking of them all and wishing them a wonderful holiday season. I wish them lots of joy and warmth and love at this time of year. And I wish them an awesome New Year 2015. ❤


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