Posted by: Viola | December 5, 2014

Rain in California

Finally. Rain. Came. And it is heavenly. This week has been absolutely blissful for me. Because it rained. It really rained. Not the pretend rain that we have had for years and years. Not the little drizzles here and there. Not the fake clouds that come and go and leave nothing of themselves behind. Not any of that bullshit rain-but-no-rain. No. This time. It rained. For real. It rained for days on end. It rained nonstop almost the whole of yesterday. It rained some the day before and the day before that. It rained over the weekend. Yes. Now this is what I call RAIN. It’s not enough to correct the terrible drought and water shortages that California is facing. But at least, this was something. Some small relief. I honestly cannot recall when last it rained like this. It’s painfully dry in these parts, here in Northern California, in this part of the valley. So dry, but now the air is clean and moist. And my skin feels it. My nose feels it. My whole body is buzzing with excitement. I am so in love with the rain, happy to sit around in awe, listening to and watching the raindrops fall. I suppose it is really true. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And for those who complain about too much rain in their neck of the woods, you really don’t know you’ve got. You’ve got a good thing. I am telling you. Send us some. We will take it. Send us more. Send us. Rain.


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