Posted by: Viola | November 20, 2014

An auspicious moment

This week, on Tuesday morning, I woke up and felt the urge to jump out of bed and get moving. I bolted out of bed, not sure exactly what I needed to be doing. I walked over to the computer and opened up my email. And there, in my inbox, was a message that had just come in. It had come in a minute before I logged into my email. So while I was hopping out of bed and slipping into my house shoes, the email was slipping into my inbox. The message was here. Confirming that my chapbook manuscript has now gone through its final edits. I am glad I decided to check my email. It made my day. And what a way to start the day! So thrilled. The chapbook is now fully edited, and it looks/reads beautifully. I am so proud of this little collection of poems. It’s my first collection. So this is a hugely important moment in my life. No words can describe how honored I feel and how happy. I am doubly thrilled that my body or mind were able to sense when something good was happening. I hope this ability remains. That way, whenever something cool and important is going on, I know to jump up and be ready and present for that auspicious moment. ❤


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